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The Clinic

Songbird Spring Natural Therapies was sprung from Sunshine Holistic Living, the clinic owned by Kinesiologist and Naturopath, Greg Gralton, operating on the Sunshine Coast since 1991. Historically, Colon Hydrotherapists at the clinic were trained in the Margaret Wright (Chevallum) discipline and eventually moved on to include internationally accredited training. Colon Hydrotherapists have included such notables as Toni Lilley-Gralton, Christine Perrard, Jan Denten and Debby Mahony. Jan and Debby have worked together for a number of years, both at Sunshine Holistic Living and at Jan's Colonic Irrigation and Iridology Clinic. Debby Mahony is now the principal therapist, with Jan Denten recently stepping back in order to pursue other aspects of the Natural Therapies field. The clinic is now called Songbird Spring Natural Therapies.  It is easy to find and is situated in Songbird Estate in Pomona, just one km from Pomona Railway Station, a short 6-minute drive from Cooroy Railway Station and 20 minutes from Tewantin and Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Philosophy

At Songbird Spring Natural Therapies, our focus is on helping you to empower yourself... to take charge of your own health. To find your direction. We recognise the fact that support may be needed during your quest. We're here to help you carry out the choices you make for your body, mind and spirit.

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